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Found 24 results

  1. The mollusk-targeting malevolent misadventures continue, and lessons will be learned! 12:30 AM tomorrow night (1/15/22) Only TOONAMI!!!
  2. It's double trouble time as we welcome season two of Assassination Classroom with the first two premiere episodes from 12:30am until 1:30am (1/9/2022) Episode 1 (23 overall) "Summer Festival Time" "Natsumatsuri no Jikan" (Japanese: 夏祭りの時間) & Episode 2 (24 overall) "Kaede Time" "Kaede no Jikan" (Japanese: カエデの時間) Opening theme: "Question" by 3-E Utatan
  3. Assassination Classroom Episode 22: Nagisa's Time Kanji 渚の時間 Romaji Nagisa no jikan Manga Chapters Chapter 71 Chapter 72 Chapter 73 Japanese June 19, 2015 English July 22, 2015 (Broadcast Dub) Opening Jiriki Hongan Revolution Ending Hello, shooting-star Toonami air date: February 21st, 2021 at 1:00am (eastern) and 12:00am (central) This is not Takaoka and Nagisa's first encounter with each other but it very well may be their last. It's Nagisa like we have never seen him before as the previous antidote explosion sent him into a fury frenzy that spells out bloodlust on his face. With all of the antidote up in flames and Nagisa with all only one current goal of bloodshed against Takaoka what is to become of e-class? Will it turn out Koro-sensei will not end up being Nagisa's first and only kill? WIll e-class have any fighting chance against this still in their systems poison? Tune in for the season finale to see how this is all is coming to an end, for now. So many bad things can be said about Takaoka and you'd still only be scratching the surface. Only on Toonami
  4. Episode 20: Karma Time/Second Period Karma's a bitch, even more so than Yelavich! One last time at 2 AM tonight (2/6-7/21), before getting re-promoted to 1 AM next week! ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  5. Ep. 21: Takaoka's Time Kanji 鷹岡の時間 Romaji Takaoka no jikan Manga Chapters Chapter 68Chapter 69Chapter 70 Opening: Jiriki Hongan Revolution Ending: Hello, shooting-star Air date: February 14th, 2021 at 1:00am Eastern time/12:00am Central time. The journey to the top floor continues but so does the level of danger and weapons. While our able E-Class students take one step further towards the mastermind behind this poison plot, there is one last detour to run into at the theater room. Is is curtains for E-class or will the show go on once again with teamwork & bullets? Tune in tonight as we near the end of the first season of Assassination Classroom. Only on Toonami
  6. Episode 19: "Pandemonium Time" Let's be honest--that last episode hit far too close to home... ...it's viral pandemonium tonight at 2 AM (1/30-31/21)! ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  7. Episode #18: Action Time The killin' attempts continue tonight at 2! Only TOONAMI!!!
  8. Episode 17: "Island Time" Vacationing has never been so deadly! 2 AM tonight (1/16-17/21)!! ONLY TOONAMI!!
  9. Episode 16: School's Out/1st Term Teaching a lesson at a new time: 2 AM tomorrow night (1/9/21) ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  10. Episode 15: End-Of-Term Time 1:30 AM one last time TONIGHT (1/2/2021) ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  11. Episode 13 - "Talent Time" It's time for a killer talent show! 1:30 AM tonight (12/5-6/20) ONLY TOONAMI!!
  12. Episode 14: "Vision Time" Koro-sensei teaches us one last lesson in 2020! Tonight (12/12-13) at 1:30 AM!! ONLY TOONAMI!!
  13. Episode 12 - "Ball Game Tournament Time" PLAY BALL!!! 1:30 AM Tonight (11/21-22/20) ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  14. Episode 11: Transfer Student Time/2nd Period Class 3-E is joined by a new transfer student! Does this guy have what it takes to kill Koro-Sensei? Watch and find out at 1:30 AM tonight (11/14-15/20)! ONLY TOONAMI!!
  15. Episode 10: "L & R Time" Class is back in session after Halloween Fall Break at a new time! 1:30 AM tonight (11/7/2020), ONLY TOONAMI!!
  16. Episode 9: "Transfer Student Time" Get ready for an all-out assault on Koro-Sensei! 1 AM tonight (10/24-25/2020) - ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  17. EPISODE 8: "School Trip Time/2nd Period" Koro-Sensei comes atcha with the 2nd half of the trip at a special time! TONIGHT (10/17/20) AT 2 AM!! ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  18. Episode 7: "School Trip Time/1st Period" You're not fooling anyone, Koro-Sensei! 1 AM Tonight (10/10/2020)!! ONLY TOONAMI!
  19. Episode 6: Test Time Taz ain't got NOTHING on Koro-Sensei!! 1 AM tomorrow night (10/3), ONLY TOONAMI!!
  20. Episode 5: Assembly Time Kuro-sensei is in WAY over his head!! Find out why tomorrow night at 1! Only TOONAMI!!!
  21. Episode 4: "Grown-Up Time" Find out why this show is nicknamed "Ass Class!" 1 AM Tonight (9/19), ONLY TOONAMI!!
  22. Episode 3: Karma Time Don't you brandish that broken bottle at me! What goes around comes around, 1 AM tonight (9/12/2020)! ONLY TOONAMI!! [please refrain from posting spoilers]
  23. Episode 2: "Baseball Time" Will the "slimy octopus teacher" play ball? I guess he'll certainly act as a piñata!! Tune in tonight (9/5) at 1 AM as Toonami presents its first baseball-themed episode in quite a while...I think! ONLY TOONAMI!! And yes, I am going with this show's nickname as its thread prefix; the full name is just too damn long!!
  24. A Japanese private junior high school rules its student body with a strict hierarchy, to the point where those with the worst grades are shoved into an abandoned shed beyond the campus in the mountains, left to rot, smell, and fend for themselves, and the other students scoff at them in disdain. One day the government issues a new homeroom teacher during the start of the semester: ... a goofy-looking, yellow, emoji-faced alien named Koro, who has tentacles, an eccentric personality, and uncountable superpowers! He has already destroyed the Earth's moon, and intends to do the same to Earth, unless the students can figure out a way to assassinate "Koro-Sensei" before the school year is over. But the students are all for it. Besides, their school has already failed them, and they have nothing left to live for. Killing a teacher is, deep down, a student's dream. How hard can it really be? Assassination Classroom is a sci-fi/comedy/drama/fantasy/satire shonen based on the manga that ran from 2012 to 2016. Its anime aired from 2015 to 2016, and Funimation picked it up and dubbed it as one of their first simuldubs. Now, Toonami is airing it from the beginning at 1 AM! Enjoy!
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