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My Hero Academia Episode #96 (508) "Match 3 Conclusion" Discussion

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Episode 96: "Match 3 Conclusion"

 (第3試合決着 Daisan Shiai Ketchaku)


It all comes down to this in the tiebreaker match between Class 1-A and Class 1-B

Toonami airdate: 6/27/21

at 12:00am (Eastern) 

Dub premiere only on Toonami

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9 minutes ago, elfie said:

a lot of heroes with a fire quirk in this show I see.

Yeah, especially if you also include firey explosions from Bakugo.

None of the girls though, that would require giving them a truly offensive quirk lol.

(Even Mirko's with those powerful legs that she uses for strong kicks is more speed and agility, it just so happens she's also ripped as hell)

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