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So... turns out one of the reasons they had me cover for the location across town was that the asshole who worked there got fired.


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You may or may not remember, but when I started with the organization I was working at that location.

And there was another leader there that made the whole place a living hell.

I transferred to my current location and have been loving it (for the most part) ever since.

Well, my leader approached me yesterday to say that the asshole got fired.

And she really feels like I'm ready to move into his role.

It's a more specialized position, pays more, although it'd probably be less responsibility than I have now given the fact that I currently have to be proficient in floor, production, office and intake tasks whereas this position is strictly floor and office-based.

I'd also have to probably give up the semi-specialized position I have at my current location but that's pretty much just modified production with no pay  increase  anyways.

It would be nice to make more than $14.99 an hour though.

Drawbacks include the  infrastructure of that location- it's not the worst one I've worked at but it's nowhere near what I'm used to here. There's also that white supremacist in the intake department who likes picking fights with me but without the other asshole there to gang up on me that shouldn't be as much of a problem. Oh also they keep getting covid there because their userbase is all spiteful old fucks (this is where someone blew their nose and handed the tissues to one of the workers on friday) also they don't take the epidemic as seriously as we do at our location.

So yeah.

/blog post

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Hey update.

So i interviewed for the job the other day.

Felt like i did really goddamn good.

Got the news today.

Didn't get the position across town.

The head leader at that location accepted another position within the organization, and they're bringing on someone from outside the organization to take his place.

They didn't think having a new head leader and a new floor leader at the same location would work well so they went with someone more experienced. 

They gave the job to the floor leader at my location.

And offered me his job instead. 

So downside is i don't get that spiteful joy from taking that assholes place, but the upside is i get to stay at a way better location. 

Akatosh has truly blessed me this day.

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