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Venture Bros creators discuss legacy and cancellation with NPR


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I've been binge watching Venture Bros on hulu for the past few days.

I'm still pretty much in denial about it being totally gone.

They raise a good point about the "series finale" being incredibly wrong for the show. As much as i'd love to see some closure (any closure) i don't think it'd be possible to wrap up everything in an hour long special in a way that would be satisfying. 

They need to make a comic series. 


I think the show would work really well in that medium anyway.

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2 hours ago, PokeNirvash said:

I'd be all for a series of specials, but a comic book series just wouldn't feel right, what with the voice acting being part of what made the show great.

(TBH, I'd still read it if it existed.)

That would detract from it for sure, but i imagine most fans of the show would be able to read the dialog in the respective characters voices.

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9 hours ago, Distinct Lunatic said:

Don't care enough to click on the article,

But who knows, maybe the creators could try having some other network pick it up, like HBO, hulu, netflix, whoever

It might be easier given the new executives, but when Brendon Small tried to do that with Metalocalypse, Mike Lazzo’s response was to give him the finger and refuse any financial offer for the rights as a “fuck you” to Small.

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