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Naruto Triple Feature Blu-Ray Collectors Edition


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14 minutes ago, 3ngag3 said:

It's very real. The box art was apparently done by Whilice Portacio, a Western comic book artist who's worked on Uncanny X-Men and Iron Man.


Western comic book artist.  

And there’s the problem.  It’s Bad Box Art Megaman.

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22 hours ago, EmpressAngel said:

I'm sure that artist is very talented and has done a lot of good work but they probably should have paid someone who actually knew how to draw a Naruto that looks like Naruto and not...that.

they could have and should have hired Marco Albiero, the italian artist who does all of the box art for every other viz release

because he's a perfect art style Mimick

Naruto - Marco AlbieroPRINCESS-SERENITY.png?fit=717%2C1024&ssl=1TOKYO MEW MEW RE-TURN

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