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Getting weird phone calls lately.


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The last three phone calls came from numbers that I don't recognize. They have been pretty unusual. I'll get a man or woman asking over the phone "Hello," and they proceed to use my last name. "Hello, Mr. ____." I respond with "Yeah, who is this?" There's blank silence and I hear a "click," which lets me know they hung up. It happened once at 11:13 AM, again at 1:06 PM, and finally at 9:24 PM.

Not sure if this is just the phone lines being shitty in the new neighborhood, or if I'm being sought out. :/

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6 hours ago, Sawdamizer said:

If it's on your cell phone, the call would end automatically when the caller hung up... right? Maybe it was a robocall, then xfer to the fraudster?

If you google the number, you usually get some info of other people getting the calls and likeliness of a scam.

Yeah, they all lead to places in New York and California. I don't know why I believed it could have possibly been something more sinister.

Just thought it was odd that someone actually referred to me by my last name. Also, I typically get phone calls before work and not past 7:00 PM. If the latter happens, it's usually someone I know.

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