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Wish Toonami could be on weeknights


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It sucks to have to wait a whole week for it to come on. The weekday Toonami experience has been completely lost on two or three generations of kids who weren't born circa between 1984-1995, and now it can at least be on weeknights because Adult Swim's comedy portion is garbage. People would actually care to watch shows like HxH, Naruto, and One Piece if this were the case. I hope all of Adult Swim's comedies fail and AS puts Toonami on weeknights as a big FU to Cartoon Network, which only wants to show cartoons that make you soft and get beaten up at school.

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I don't have any on demand services, but I do watch anime frequently on a certain dubbed site, but still Toonami's useful because I would never go out of my way to watch these series, so it's nice to casually get to kick back and watch it, and I would like for it to air more frequently, so that it doesn't feel like it takes years to watch one series on there.

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Won't happen.


Any anime that isn't DBZ will fail on weeknight prime-time. That's why they don't do it.


Because the mainstreamers rather watch Family Guy reruns for the umpteenth time.


Actually, the mainstreamers are currently sheltered in their bunkers, fearing the worst that might never come...

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