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Well, looks like I need to get a Switch now


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9 hours ago, midnight said:

New Switch games aside, the Switch is worth it for the NES games it has on it, when you buy the online service, which is only $20 a year. 

They are constantly adding NES games to it. SMB 2 just got added a few days ago. 

Thinking about picking up Smash Bros.

If you love old school Mario platformers, you'll love Mario Maker. Some people get creative as fuck.

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4 hours ago, rpgamer said:

As someone that didn't pay all that much attention to the first, what does the second improve on?

The biggest change, as shown in the beginning of the video, is the addition of slopes. Fans of the first game were really hoping for this. Some other things: vector scrolling, moving water, snaking platforms, Mario 3D World powerups, and it seems Luigi is playable this time.

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