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Who's going to see the Gundam NT (Continuation of Gundam Unicorn) movie Tuesday night?


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Despite the fact that Unicorn's ending was a buried, low rated mess, it had fans, and I'm one of them!

In fact, I've been re-watching my DVDs of the UC OVAs lately and have noticed some of the differences between OVA and TV edits, and I gotta say, while the OVA USUALLY gets it right, there are some instances in which the Re:0096 TV edit actually ended up doing a BETTER job than the OVAs:

  1. This episode ended with the crash near the mansion. Kinda awkward considering the OVA just keeps going. Also, the "flashback" mode of storytelling that has a scene from later in the first OVA was a bit jarring to new viewers on Toonami, but that first episode of Re:0096 just wouldn't make much sense without it. Grade: B+
  2. This episode ended with the long dialog between Cardeas Vist and the Captain of the Garancieres. Kind of a jarring ending, but of course the OVA just keeps going from there, which is better. As a result, most of the major action is in the first half, and is human-on-human. Grade: C+
  3. If you ask me, this episode the Re:0096 TV edit actually got right. While the OVA ends right after Banagher first pilots the Unicorn, the TV episode keeps going through the major conflict with Marida and her Quad Wing (whose name I can't spell correctly), which kicks off the 2nd OVA. At least the 1st and 2nd OVAs were packaged on the same DVD/BD in the US! BTW, those OVAs also were packaged with recaps that are very similar to what aired on Toonami, but quite a bit longer, as extras. Grade: A
  4. This episode ends soon after the Red Comet is introduced and starts to shoot up some of the grunts of the Nahel Argama. OVA keeps going, so it gets the win. Grade: B-
  5. This episode ends after the main conflict with the Red Comet wraps up and when Banager first confronts Full Frontal in person. It's a cliffhanger, but at least it's not in the middle of the action. Grade: B+
  6. This episode is pretty much all dialog; the only real action is one minor character banging his fist on the elevator. Yes, the seeds for the Battle at Palau are set, but in both OVA and TV edit are saved for the next episode. But because there is almost no action at all in the TV edit of this episode, of course it gets the lower grade. Grade: C

I'll continue with Episodes 7-12 later on...

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Oh, OBVIOUSLY it's because some movies use multiple theaters and Tuesday night is a good night to cut down to one. Plus with Monday being Presidents' Day, it makes sense for the dual theater runs for the current blockbuster (probably Alita: Battle Angel) to go through the day on Monday. There's irony for you: at most theaters it's probably replacing a manga adaptation!

Also, here's what you need to know before you go: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/advertorial/2019-01-31/what-you-need-to-know-before-watching-gundam-nt/.142483

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Alright, just for posterity's sake I guess I'll continue my review of the edits to 7-12 and how well they improved on or fell short of the OVAs:

7. Ends after the first major action, but at least not on a cliffhanger. Grade: "B".

8. Ends during the wreckage exploration mini-arc, but it would have been better of if it had just continued. Grade: "C+"

9. I've gotta hand it to the Re:0096 editing crew, they went all out to make sure this episode stood out, along with using the original ending of OVA 3 as a special ending theme. It also ends exactly as the OVA ends, but did it do a MUCH better job than the OVA? I can't really say so, since the OVA also came packaged with a recap short which actually included the guitar solo of "Merry Go Round" over the main action. Grade: "A-".

10. There IS some action right at the beginning, but this episode still has . A pretty bad edit. Grade: "C-".

11. This contains the major action of the middle 3rd of the OVA, but ends on a semi-cliffhanger. Grade "C+".

12. Well, at least it ends the same way as the 4th OVA. Grade: "B".

My review of the edits of 13-22 coming up tomorrow!!

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13. Begins pretty much the same as OVA #5. Except for a skirmish at the beginning, almost no action. Plus, we miss the lengthy recap for once. Grade: "C+"

14. Contains the clash of the 2 Unicorns, and a much longer recap than the previous episode. Grade: "B+"

15. Has the LAST long-form recap we will get until Episode 22, but since they didn't use the OVA #5 ending theme, it loses points for that. Grade: "B".

16. Very little action, but TENSE dialog. Feels kinda like a powder keg brewing. Grade: "C".

17. Contains pretty much all of the main action of Episode 6. It missed the 6th OVA ending theme, but... Grade: "B-".

18. This episode kicks off with a special OP, the 6th ending theme in all its glory! Plus, it explodes with the first dynamite action of OVA 7! Truly one of the best-presented episodes of Re:0096, and it's a shame it never got streamed on the Marathon Stream. Grade: "A+".

19. Contains Riddhe's deplorable actions before seeing the light, and the revelation of Laplace's Box. Not marred by any extremely jarring cliffhangers. Grade: "A-".

20. Sparse action except in flashbacks, but one of the most important episodes of the edit. Grade: "B+".

21. The major duel between Banager and Full Frontal, with a major assist from Riddhe, and the mansion pretty much just gets TRASHED! Grade: "A-".

22. The final episode kicks off with not one but TWO recap sequences, though the first one, with a different, sarcastic, female narrator, is quite comical for a serious franchise like Gundam. But they decided to end Re:0096 on a high note by using OVA #7's ED: "Star Ring Child" Grade: "A".




[enjoy the movie...]

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i saw it. liked it well enough. as you say, it works better as a small part of the big story. i liked and understand the grander concepts they were talking about, but as a stand-alone movie, i felt tht those concepts wre too big for the plot to be carrying on its own.


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On 2/28/2019 at 11:58 AM, CorbeauKarasu said:

i saw it. liked it well enough. as you say, it works better as a small part of the big story. i liked and understand the grander concepts they were talking about, but as a stand-alone movie, i felt tht those concepts wre too big for the plot to be carrying on its own.


Excited to see it when the blu-ray comes out next month since I wasn't able to make it to the theater that day.

I'd love it if they aired The Origin since they're doing that new TV cut. Though it'll probably be slightly less smooth with the cliffhangers than the OVA version, but still a very good watch, similar to Unicorn's TV version.


Also, this is some great Gundam Unicorn art to make up for the old topic bump lol


Damn, Pablo Uchida's an amazing artist.

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