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dry cat food is missing from my Chewy order


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3 hours ago, PhilosipherStoned said:

If the total cost of my pets wasn't so high I'd get my dogs better brands and shop around is what I was getting at I guess.. They get a lot of what I cook for dinner anyway so I don't feel bad..

Plus even though they get half my dinner they still find a way to eat 100 lbs of dog food a month!! :spookyskull:

Dem doggos like to eat :D 

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3 hours ago, Athena 92 said:

Chewy has pretty good customer service. I once ordered from then and FedEx lost the package. Contacted them and they sent another no questions asked. Got the original package a couple weeks later and they said to just keep it.

yea they do have good customer service. I am impressed with them

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