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Game of Thrones kinda sucks... A lot.


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I'm not sure why I decided to start watching (actually it's because I have a trial of HBO Now) but I'm not really enjoying it. I greatly disliked the first book and the show is no better. Everyone just hates each other for no goddamn reason. O.o


I just finished season three...

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Just finished the most recent season, it seems to have a lot of issues with it's pacing and writing but there are some good moments particularly at the end of most seasons.


I don't think it's a bad show but I certainly don't think it's the best thing ever as many seem to.



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LAWL, well you gave it more of a shot than me. >.>


I literally watched the first episode like 3 times.

Third time I had commentary from my friend. :D


I didn't care for it so I'm not going to bother.


Maybe years from now after it has finished, I'll watch.

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