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Hunter x Hunter Episode x 64 x Discussion

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"Strengthen × And × Threaten"

(キョウカ×ト×キョウカツ, Kyouka × To × Kyoukatsu)


Toonami Airdate: Tonight (August 27th, 2017) at



Adapted from:

"Chapter 141

Chapter 142

Chapter 143

Chapter 144 p.1-4, 11-15

Chapter 145 p.1-5"


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Last time on Hunter x Hunter a scissor foe named Binolt attacked Biscuit, however she easily defeated him. Gon and Killua while seeing her strength (And upon hearing Biscuit was once Wing's master) asked her to be their master and upon her orders proceed to fight Binolt for 6 days. In the end Binolt gave  up and accepted death however they decide to let him go. They then went to the city of Masadora and got some cards but were then told by Biscuit to go back to the rocky area again. Biscuit tells them that they are going exactly to Masadora but this time, they have to dig straight through the rocks, whilst doing so they discovered another part of Ten, Shu. It seems just like with Shia LaBeouf in Holes the more they dig, the more the truth comes out.


Tonight the rigorous Biscuit training continues for Gon and Killua, as they literally work their way closer and closer to the destination of Masadora once again, all with their newest ability "Shu". Meanwhile The Phantom Troupe investigate further into their suspicions and what they discover is anything but a game.





You know what they say


the truth


shall set you free


Join us for another episode of Hunter x Hunter


Only on Toonami

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