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I can't stand Cartoon Network these days.


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They have good shows, but - there's only like five of them.  And they run those over and over and over and over.  so it starts to feel like kind of a dump of a channel even though - they have good shows/content.


Just not enough, and the good content they do have they just run to death.

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CN needs to either incorporate their old library into the blocks, or make lots more shows.  It literally is only blocks of gumball, steven universe, and teen titans go. I haven't seen an episode of Adventure Time on there in a couple of months now. We Bare Bears only gets shown once a week when it has a new episode. Clarence will sometimes go months without an episode playing, and Regular show has been getting phased out more and more. The last time I remember it getting shown a lot was October because it has a halloween special every year.

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