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Twin Peaks

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Pacing is something that applies to the television format quite technically -- and it most certainly applies here. The original series even had it - there were proper story beats and character development with sprinkled oddities here and there in each. I could watch one episode of the original and feel I got one episode's worth of narrative traction and a better understanding of what I was watching.


With this I get an episode where I spend 15 minutes watching a guy sweep the floor with a broom, or Dr. Jacoby spending just as much time painting shovels. That's not good television, and it's highly questionable as 'art' - however you want to quantify that. There are times where such things work and there are times where it feels like Lynch is taking the piss.


But if you like waiting a week following something exciting in an episode only to get an episode where we linger on a guy drawing lines on documents forever then all the power to ya, I guess

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