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  1. If I shave the beard, trim the brows and lose the sunglasses, you'll see my face.
  2. You see plenty of hideous movie performers because it makes you appreciate the more aesthetically gifted performers to a higher degree.
  3. What I'm gathering from this is that outlawing the mere discussion of sex work on line was never such a great idea. Where is the First Amendment on this? Sex discussion is just words, no harm done.
  4. Coffee. I like fresh brewed or the canned. Tea. Herb tea, particularly any that would cause bizarre dreams or have a sedative effect.
  5. Grilled chicken Caesar does it for me.
  6. By telling the hierarchy that it's a major cost saver. The hierarchy only looks at the bottom line and doesn't ask enough questions. Kind of, leap before looking. They trusted this guy and he seriously let them down
  7. What would you say about a mid level manager who accepts kickbacks from the vendors and ends up signing a three year contract to exclusively buy a shitty product that doesn't work as advertised?
  8. There can't be space pirates until interstellar travel is feasible.
  9. Hanging is too good for him. Just put him some place where he's not in charge of anything. He shouldn't even be in charge of when he brushes his teeth.
  10. Why was the corporate hot shot always the bad guy in late 20th century movies?
  11. A knuckle doesn't have a patella. A knee does.
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