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  1. Neither of your requested answers are correct as applicable to me or my family.
  2. None of us do. Not I, nor anyone else.
  3. Hitler couldn't sell a hamburger, so he made beef tacos. The pink meat was still there. Sounds like he just wanted to be a little more blatant with the resulting caste system.
  4. So, is everyone here just for confirmation? All cat are kitty! Whoever disagrees with me hates cats! But I'm here because I don't want confirmation.
  5. I don't hate any particular race at all. I see with both eyes. The likable among any group and the not so likable. I don't see any effort to stop violent crime as a concerted attack on any particular race. Look at the people involved. There's every race represented among them. If I push a biting cat away, that doesn't mean I hate cats.
  6. It was built on the promise of equalizing wealth and resulted in tyranny. Socialism. Cuba, the Soviet Union, the would be Nazi state... Same cookie cutter.
  7. Is the government subsidizing me in any way? No.
  8. And that's better than everything being government dole. At least I have a right to buy one of those refrigerators the minute I want one instead of waiting for the government to approve my ration for it.
  9. So, you're saying that a communist nation that had "socialist" in its name wasn't socialist? Two sides of the same coin - a Mutt and Jeff operation.
  10. Then let me see you run for office, get the office and do your job.
  11. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Socialism as applied to a nation
  12. By what means? If you don't like your government, run for office and change a few things. Obama did... And he wasn't rich or privileged.
  13. Really? I didn't select any of them. But, you're saying that all cops are trained to be racist. Are those commissioners racist too?
  14. How is it the opposite? It was in the USSR's name. Those commies called themselves socialists and so, I'm calling them socialists.
  15. There's no evidence to show that. What about the minorities that are already part of the police force? Some cities even have black police commissioners.
  16. Communism and socialism are the head and tail of the same rattlesnake. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was a communist nation.
  17. North Korea is the very model of all socialism.
  18. National socialism is the fly. Philosophical socialism is the maggot.
  19. Where are the government and university studies on the subject? You have anecdotes.
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