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  1. Apparently the Infinite Tsukoyomi brings about a Genjutsu of infinite filler! Madara is truly a monster!
  2. Though I'm wondering who Caesar will even use to fight back with at this point. Those Yeti guys probably got killed by the cloud at this point.
  3. Well good luck stopping the poison from getting inside now. Unless there's a secondary door or Law can stop it...
  4. Her lungs would be in better shape if Sanji wasn't smoking! I don't think Nami's cardio is the only issue here!
  5. "Nice work. You're useful after all." "You people are the worst!" 🤣
  6. Brook is already dead so what difference does it make if he gets caught in the cloud?
  7. Is that dragon even able to fly? How foolish of you to rely on the power of this unholy beast. 🤣
  8. Discuss it like civilized gentlemen. That's a good one! Eh? Why does Law want to protect Don Flamingo? Lmao Tashigi is only embarrassed once she gets back in her own body? 🤣
  9. Captain Kid! He prefers a more hands on approach to violence haha.
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