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  1. i'm not sure how that article has anything to do with the protests. Was she killed by the police?
  2. it is pat's birthday
  3. Explain the significance of this to the class.
  4. That’s the fourth month in a row that a “historically high” number of households were unable to pay their housing bill on time and in full, up from 30% in June and 31% in May. Renters, low-income and younger households were most likely to miss their payments, Apartment List found. In April, May and June, the majority of missed housing payments were made by the end of month, Apartment List reports. Almost 90% of households had paid some or all of their rent or mortgage payment by the end of June. But with late fees tacked on, those households may be more likely to miss their next housing bill, perpetuating a vicious cycle.
  5. looks like you didn't praise either lmao gottem
  6. You could also only post twice every 5 seconds
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