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  1. Had my first anxiety attack back in December. Was so bad I thought I was having a heart attack. 4 am and I was in the ER. Didn't get home until 2pm. Long story short...I'm now on Lexapro because it just kept getting worse and worse. Definitely see someone if you can. Shits rough and can takes its toll on other parts of your life.
  2. YUP Also I'll be married 7 years on Sept 1st. What has everyone else been up to? XD
  3. I had a kid. Turns 3 in Oct.
  4. Real talk. I miss all you guys. Reading some of the threads on here bring back good memories from back in the day.
  5. AIM chats were some of the best times I had on the net at around that age. Now we're all old AF F
  6. The tweet on Twitter by someone who runs the uneven twitter account
  7. You...I remember you...in the mountains
  8. I saw the tweet so I’m here hi
  9. Twitter mostly. Whatcha talkin bout Too much emotion from the legend lupin. In the mountains?
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