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  1. for me... @Still Me @lupin_bebop @discolemonade obviously.
  2. And that's why I didn't list you. Even though I'd meet you, you'd kill me with intellect.
  3. Not gonna lie. I don't even know if you're male or female. But you seem cool.
  4. for me... @Rogue_Alphonse @helpme @PhilosipherStoned @Doom Metal Alchemist @André Toulon @mthor @1pooh4u @Ginguy @wacky1980 @Sir Teddybar Gut Fullung @molarbear @stilgar @scoobdog @Naraku4656 @Top Gun @1938 Packard just to see if this dude is for real. @That_One_Guy @Mini_ghost420 @Elle_Eccentric @PurgatoryGirl @Skiles @tsar4 @jackiemarie90 @crackymckrackin
  5. This violates my two sentence rule. I have nothing to offer you here.
  6. The pasteurization process for milk is a necessity for obvious reasons. However, the process of homogenization is not. Milk that has not been homogenized is far superior in quality. If you enjoy cream, why not purchase milk that has skipped the homogenization process? You get both this way. Buy from a local dairy. It makes all the difference.
  7. Poop. Eat. Sleep. I know this man. LB will sleep standing up after a meal, if there's no where to sit.
  8. ''She's polluted. She's fucking polluted. I'm Captain Planet.'' Lol. Nice touch at the end with the deodorant beads stuck in the armpit hair.
  9. I agree with all of this. This movie seemed like it meshed all of it's elements from previous movies, into one. When the bully met his demise, I was under-whelmed to say the least. I didn't care for the whole draft dodger angle either, as it did nothing for the story at all. He got on the bus to enlist in the army at the end? OK. Cool story, bro. And the girl who started the whole shit show, well, nothing happened to her. But everyone else paid the price. I didn't care for the fact that she said there would be a way to bring them all back, hinting at a sequel. Nah. Don't make a part 2. We had this whole angle about the mom leaving, never to touch on why. There were just too many non-working elements in this movie.
  10. Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. 4/10.
  11. My uncle's cousin's brother's girlfriend, Cletus does that. They go down there to the Chattahoochee Motor Speedway and eat pig feet and tailgate on their lawn mowers. It's a family reunion of sorts.
  12. Still no idea why they got rid of Matt Bryant. It wasn't his fault they suck. And Mohamed Sanu. We have one win this year. Wait. I just checked. Make that two wins.
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