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  1. I have never made tamales, but I make an awesome enchirito.
  2. She doesn't just suck at her job. She sucks at life. She is a failure at life. Lower than whale shit. You ever bust a nut and that shit gets in your pubes and rolls around like rubber cement,(not exactly, but the best I got) and is hard as fuck to wash off? That's what she is to life.
  3. And just like that, Zeni lost his boner.
  4. I think it's nice businesses hire people like you. Mongoloids need jobs too.
  5. Why entertain a topic about politics from someone who isn't smart enough to hold down any job apart from being a janitor? He's a janitor for a reason. He's dumb as fuck.
  6. Packard's just mad Ginsberg isn't a 12 year old. Pervert.
  7. Look. Hitler is upset he didn't get a Christmas tree in Hell. Chin up, little Nazi.
  8. Good point. Our worst enemy of the state is orange.
  9. ITT: fuggs didn't know celery was an ingredient in potato salad. Mind blown. She's thinking we are putting dildos in potato salad. Celery is not a dildo.
  10. While you spend all your money eating at McDonald's and KFC and Cap'n D's, you fat mongoloid.
  11. I just came to troll. Not argue politics with a kid diddling retard. Fuck you, Packard.
  12. Bet your cunt is infested with bed bugs.
  13. You should manipulate a bottle rocket up your ass and light it.
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