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  1. I was thankful yesterday. Had to put that mushiness aside and get Christmas knocked out. Almost. (Sends LB and Stillz some BBQ and homemade BBQ sauce for Christmas).
  2. I went to Walmart today. Dead. It had already been raided. I even got front row parking at 9 this morning. Still got what I went in for. Switch games and PS4 games. Oh, and a camera.
  3. In all seriousness, if there happens to be a Willow tree nearby, go take a piece of bark off of it and chew on it. Natural remedy for headaches.
  4. I can pretend to be LB and go to the shitter and text you. I can give detailed descriptions. Crunchy. Nutty. Plain. Braided. Green. Etc.
  5. I do this, but it's usually on the toilet.
  6. for me... @Still Me @lupin_bebop @discolemonade obviously.
  7. And that's why I didn't list you. Even though I'd meet you, you'd kill me with intellect.
  8. Not gonna lie. I don't even know if you're male or female. But you seem cool.
  9. for me... @Rogue_Alphonse @helpme @PhilosipherStoned @Doom Metal Alchemist @Andr├ę Toulon @mthor @1pooh4u @Ginguy @wacky1980 @Sir´╗┐ Teddybar´╗┐ Gut Fullung @molarbear @stilgar @scoobdog @Naraku4656 @Top Gun @1938 Packard just to see if this dude is for real. @That_One_Guy @Mini_ghost420 @Elle_Eccentric @PurgatoryGirl @Skiles @tsar4 @jackiemarie90 @crackymckrackin
  10. This violates my two sentence rule. I have nothing to offer you here.
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