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  1. Purple Dragon Unlike other purple buds whose color usually denotes a deficiency while growing this bud is thick, crystaly and has a pungent smell. Smoke is flavorful and it gives a good buzz. I like 👍 Thanks, goodnite and happy smoking. 🔥
  2. He probably thinks you can’t pay and are gonna beat him for the fare.
  3. Jesus was holding his own pretty good against spiderman. Maybe they should have made him an avenger instead.
  4. He’s racking up all those 😂 reacts.
  5. So there’s this feature to the site where you can block individual users, never see a thing they post. It’s quite amazing, i think i’ll try it on you. 😉
  6. 3 if you count this post. 😉
  7. Tengu

    Here she is

    We’re not here to give you fap material.
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