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  1. srsly sweetheart i just need that old_old jpeg from the other time way back when
  2. all the old pics you sent me are on my banned account. please send new pics.
  3. How much does it actually damage your new coil if you cape too soon?
  4. 2 "MORE" doesn't sound like the lead-in to a serious problem. Excuse my lack of concern,, since when has this been an issue, ALREADY ANSWERED Since you decided it was something you wanted to get checked out.... well shit said songs and prayers muchacha
  5. The trolls are trying to kill me
  6. as an outright dyslexic mistake: Toggling?
  7. What ever happened to those job positions you were toppling?
  8. Am I somewhat hated on the UEMB, completely hated, or there are several death threats against my actual physical person?
  9. Ok I have successfully freaked myself out sorry good bye
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