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  1. Administrator said about six people of been harassing me I should just ignore it I really wasn’t me dude I just tried to be personal when I shouldn’t have The rest of what you said is a myth
  2. A... A... A... Ass Thinkin’ Puppets
  3. I also want to mention that the porn idusty intentionally presses the limit of every niche fetish to the point if you're not in some way affected, beyond sexual desire, there probably is creepy reason, or a complete lack of attention to detail.
  4. theres sort of a gut feeling I've turned into a sleezy creepo after a while
  5. answer honestly
  6. why what happened between midnight and poof?
  7. are you not supposed to do that? are you not supposed "gila monster" for some reason? i dont get it.
  8. what if you had utertwins and had two periods a month? and when you get pregnant you could possibly have 8 babies in each one
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