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  1. I don’t want this dogshit Looking up videos about sports cars and sport sedans shouldn’t trigger this. Awful higher center of gravity, awful obsession with “safety” that enables neglect and bad driving, ugly blobmobiles, it’s like a wagon but bad, “me in big vehicle so me own road,” etc. I hate the CUV. Always hogging the passing lane. Always taking up multiple spots. Always chatting on their damn phones Always leaving like 5 car lengths between them and the next car at a light. CUVs manage to turn people dumb. I don’t want one. Please stop.
  2. I’m kinda “left-market” or whatever, but AnComs are usually cool AnCaps are silly
  3. Are you just a straight up Anarchist without adjectives? Or are you into any particular thing? Like Mutualism or AnPrim?
  4. Well, it is pretty Anarchist. Irl examples of anarchism functioning scare people who are slaves to their own desires for power, such as Trump, and so to defend his strange addiction he threatens to exert power when people prove they don’t actually need someone in power.
  5. None of this would happen if cops would stop pretending they’re Judge Dredd
  6. No knock raids should be banned. Either that or if a department fucks one up everyone is fired and they start over. Force them to be sure.
  7. One last family reunion before they die of ass rammage in prison
  8. That face you make when you realize you aren’t gonna get to see your cousin’s special underwear on Mother’s Day
  9. I mean, maybe don’t harass people and they won’t fight against glorified kidnapping. I can’t imagine my job being sitting in a car and fucking with people and thinking what I do is actually valuable. At least homicide detectives actually do something valuable you know? Patrolcucks tend to be people who either got bullied too much or not enough.
  10. Western civ was made up to sell things like the epoch times and rebel media
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