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  1. Because they’re misanthropes. “Humans are lazy and the few that are special should be at the top” ”humans are too stupid to decide so we need electoral college” “we deserve the end times because thing I dislike” these are all anti-human views. They don’t want people to be happy because it’s not the language they’re even speaking.
  2. You know what would actually knock the price off a car? Letting us order it from the goddamn manufacturer and not having to go through a dealership. There are so many dumbass laws when it comes to cars that have fuck all to do with emissions and yet they only target emissions. I hate restrictive cats too but come on
  3. Just fucking let me import shit before it’s 25 years old and mod it how I please whenever I own it you don’t have to “California BAD” this to let me do either of those
  4. These white, cis upper middle class politicians who have no idea what violence looks like can fuck off telling me what tools I can and cannot have in order to deal with people they’ll never face in person.
  5. Why? Because right wing paramilitary groups are only growing and I’d rather die fighting than them inevitably drag me out of my home while the police watch?
  6. While everything I’ve listed above is happening and the Dems have just continuously let themselves be pulled away from the left, a few newcomers aside, I think it’s short sighted and dangerous. You could phase policies in/out eventually but rn I think it’s not a great idea. Something something material conditions and defending oneself during the resurgence of Fascism
  7. In some vein it’s a cultural issue. In some vein it’s politicians not disavowing them, and when you have groups like the American Identitarian Movement staring their mission is to infiltrate the already racist and authoritarian GOP it’s probably not getting any better any time soon. When the police, who some would say were infiltrated years ago, stand with them at rallies and attacks counter-protestors it tells me enough. When agencies prioritize focus on some random gang from El Salvador because it’s a “good” anti-immigrant argument, even though groups like the Aryan Brotherhood outnumber them and are an org you’re far more likely to run across. When Far Right orgs are only growing in number and their end goal is trashing undesirables, and there are signs of it only getting worse, I’m not going to support disarming or complying with orders to do so. Because anyone who thinks these orgs will participate in buybacks or be raided by the very police who stand with them for not doing so is kidding themselves.
  8. Addressing dipshit incels, white supremacists, etc is too hard time to ban the guns that way, at this rate, someday I can beg the paramilitary groups not to throw me in a mass grave
  9. Idk if someone has beaten me to it, but yes. In OK like a year or two ago. These aren’t full auto or something either. Not unless you’re rich enough to afford the tax stamp. Which, tbh a concern I have with gun control is rich white people still getting to have them and no one else. Because that’s essentially what the NFA does for a certain class of firearm.
  10. People could, but not enough are willing. You really only have the rights that you, yourself, assert. People have been kind of domesticated for too long and like the idea of freedom but don’t actually like it, and so the numbers just aren’t there. Don’t cuck out. That’s all I’m saying. I know we’ve been harsh to each other before but I’m gonna try being civil right now. Even if I’m blunt. It’s not the trans, it’s not the workers cooperatives, it’s not the people who want cops to stop shooting black kids for nothing. Stop all this shit. It’s opportunists who just seek power. They have no ideals. They have no ideology. I’m an unironic Egoist and I have more code than they do. I get it. Perhaps you feel bad about yourself and lash out rather than look within, but man, you gotta get it together. I’m not yelling you what ideology to abide by or something, I just think you’re really off the rails. I don’t think it’s too late to get it together though. I’m attempting nicety this once.
  11. In another thread you supported LEOs doing military style training. That’s the only reason I mention it tbh.
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