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  1. “I’m under enormous pressure” she says, after looking in the mirror and convincing herself again that millenials is now gen Z would even leave their house to vote for her
  2. Fuck Hillary and her lowkey pandering to TERFs as of late. This is exactly what I was trying to tell people like that annoying fuck with the Steve Smith pfp four years ago. I wouldn’t mind her running again just so I can see her fail before she finally strokes out or some shit. Stupid fuckin boomer.
  3. Star Wars was alway I tended to be a 9 part saga. Interviews as far back as ESB’s release seem to confirm this. Things like the backstory for Palpatine and his rise were being developed as far back as ANH. now, back to Terminator: it had nothing to do with it being “woke.” It has to do with it being a bad movie no one was asking for. People say “get woke go broke” and yet most of the things they try to apply it to are doing just fine, like Nike.
  4. Boomer is a mentality. Generations are made up, but mentalities manifest in very real ways. That said, who said I support Bernie?
  5. He should fucking retire because it’s no country for old men
  6. Tech is always priced crazy at first. It will simply be a question of “is it beneficial to keep people in general alive longer or is it a novelty?” Immortality is kind of a meme. Cybernetics and bio hacking to live a good quality of life longer instas of spending 30 years of your life living like shit or whatever are pretty lit though
  7. The worst part about too many fries is that it’s not like they’re something you can save for later because reheated fries are gross
  8. Still, why the fuck even post it? Someone who knows what they’re doing can still figure it out.
  9. Also the fallacy fallacy is a thing. Either rip someone to shreds or don’t. There’s either part of their argument to attack or there’s no substance. Often people point out fallacies instead of the parts of a post that are actually saying something because they found the logical fallacy wiki and think screaming “AD HOMINEM” because someone pointed out they were an idiot after ripping their argument apart makes them look educated.
  10. Honestly I’m more concerned that you doxx yourself
  11. edit: I totally responded to the wrong thread or this is an edit lmao
  12. -Be fascist shit -fake a coup to get more power -rise in activity from groups like Grey Wolves -convince Trump, who has cucked out to you his entire presidency, to make way for your ethnic cleansing -attack detention camps holding ISIS supporters which results in their release HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
  13. Piece of shit who faked a coup attempt to try to get more power
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