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  1. I’m happy for him. He’d wanted to stop doing the Frank thing for awhile
  2. I mean some predictions have to do with such contradictions causing the system to eat itself Cooperatives becoming more common would be cool
  3. Hell I’m the one paying for these people to fuck around. Showing me a warrant when I command it should require their submission if anything. I shouldn’t even be paying for knee-jerk responses to the preventable shitshow that was 9/11 though so, goodbye TSA and goodbye ICE.
  4. “The internet but no following” idiots who don’t understand the modern world need to sit down and shut the fuck up.
  5. “Military hottie, we live in a society, animals eat people!”
  6. Yes, places which do this and things like Western Union are advised to ask questions. Which kinda gives way to nonsensical “can’t do it” moments, but you’re told not to perform the transaction if you think it’s suspicious for any reason.
  7. “I cooperated with cops and casino security during the strike” okay OFFICER Packard
  8. He’s just the end result an empty “ideology” based on nothing but misplaced nostalgia and “everyone stupid if they disagree with my simplistic worldview” so yeah
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