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  1. Ayeee! Happy birthday! I missed Thursdays game. Take the L.
  2. I shall participate this year! You can give me the first week of L's. I forgot about this thread here.
  3. Akudama Drive Episode 4. Stylistically, it's pretty as hell. I just can't get over them saying Akudama over and over and over.
  4. Hola! Thank ye. Remind of who ye are? It's been a while since I've been here. I may or may not smoke too much weed.
  5. Oh oh ! I see. T-shirts are kinda my thing. They're fun. Appreciate it! =))
  6. Thanks..? I don't know how to take or receive this statement, but it was a fun shirt to wear if that helps this out.
  7. You're basically drinking creamer at that point.
  8. Oh! I forgot what I was watching for a while there. I just finished up Koyomimonogatari.
  9. Juuuuussstttt realized that last one didn't have my face in it.
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