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Found 11 results

  1. Whether this makes you sick to your stomach or hungry with excitement Food Wars returns to Toonami tonight with it's fifth season tv dub premiere at 1am. Food Wars! Shokugeki No Soma: The Fifth Plate "Final Exams" "Gakkimatsu Shiken" (学期末試験) Directed by: Ei Tanaka Written by: Shogo Yasukawa Soma, Elite 10 members, and the rest of his classmates are back in action tackling the final exams head on by hopping back into the heat of some restaurant kitchens!
  2. "Song of Hope" "Kibō no Uta" (Japanese: 希望の唄) Episode 11 Soma's gone and done it again raising the steaks I mean stakes on Erina's main course. The final feast of a food war this season comes to a boiling point tonight with only ten minutes left. Everything is left in Soma's starter and Erina's follow up main dish, you could cut the tension with a sharpened knife. Toonami airdate: November 21st, at 1:00am Eastern standard time
  3. FOOD WARS: THE FOURTH PLATE - EPISODE 7 THE TWO QUEENS With Soma's win the heated battle now enters its 4th bout! The three remaining Central members are Tsukasa, Rindo, and Momo. With the stakes being the highest they’ve ever been, the rebel team goes all-out with their best, too. What nefarious moves will Central pull next! Find out at 1:30am!
  4. Episode 20: "Erina's Devotion" / "Erina's Diligent Studies" Transcription: "Erina no Kensan" (Japanese: えりなの研鑽) It's time to sink our teeth into some training sessions because it won't always be this easy going forward. Toonami airdate: July 11th at 1:30am (Eastern standard time) Just breath Erina you all got this.
  5. title: A NEW JEWEL Some Soma X Aldini since this show's cheating us out of good manservice now
  6. Have a great buffet that won't give you the coronavirus, even if some asshole with it watching it sneezes on his TV Screen! 1 AM Tonight (3/14-15), ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  7. EPISODE 24 (1st Plate Finale): THE BANQUET OF WARRIORS Take one more bite from the "first plate", right before Chef T.O.M. serves up another heaping helping next week with the Second Plate! And tonight, we find out if Soma can overcome and place in the Top 4 of Group A of the Fall Selection! 1 AM TONIGHT, ONLY TOONAMI!!! [not food network, believe it or not...]
  8. After the marathon tonight, you KNEW this was coming! It's looking like Toonami and Sentai have big plans for this series, including probably premiering the dub of Season 3! ORDER UP!!!
  9. #05: An Ice Queen and a Spring Storm Soma cooks a pretty mean dish of...just about anything, except Squid!! Umami? Yo MOMMY!! See the next chapter of his struggle with the Council of 10--1 AM ON TOONAMI!!!
  10. Episode 3: "That Chef Doesn't Smile" Get ready to chow down again at 1 AM tonight (7/20)!! Hell, if you're in the Central Time Zone, it's practically a midnight snack! Only TOONAMI!!
  11. Episode 1: An Endless Wasteland Welcome to possibly the only show in which the food is so good, your clothing will explode and you will experience some kind of orgasmic ecstasy. 1:00AM Only Toonami
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