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  1. Considering Daos, Top Gun, and others has been a D-bag to me the entire duration of my time here, and much of the time on the old boards, why should I be expected to give a shit about what they say?
  2. Apparently there's this beautiful feature called ignore, it keeps me from seeing posts from inbred dumbfucks. Later boi
  3. As for the Chupp lawyer part that was just a typo. As for everything else you're a prick that can get bent and eat a dick.
  4. Love how you only read the parts of what I posted and use that to bash me. Part 1: I don't listen to people that I think are a PoS. Part 2: That's only part of what I said, I also said that he's currently going through school to be a lawyer, meaning he's studying all this shit you fucking inbred retard. Part 3: What the fuck are you even talking about? I can't hear you with Top Gun's scrotum pressed against your mouth. Never said Chupp was a lawyer. And I'm not one of those that's in denial and use the excuse of "they paid off the judge!" or some shit. The way my buddy put it, Chupp is the type of judge that's assigned by the court to cases they don't want to have a fair trial, which a case like this with the media exposure it amassed being an example of a case they'd assign him to. Part 4: No, I don't think I will. I'd rather see you have a brain aneurysm, cause maybe then you'll shut your bitch mouth.
  5. Also would like to note, even though Vic may have lost the case, Funi is dead. Because of the way they handled the DB ip, as well as all their business practices and lack of professionalism being brought to light, they went down in profit a lot over the course of this year, and if the articles on the interwebs are correct, Funi is about to get gutted by Sony. The article going on about how it made no sense in the first place to keep Funi existing as it had been, considering Sony owns Aniplex and Aniplex of America, so they already dub anime. Sources have mentioned that it was because of the DB ip and how profitable it is that they let Funi keep being its own thing, but with the other rumors going around that Toei is pissed at Funi over the way they've handled the DB franchise and are looking to pass the rights onto a different company, then there'd be no reason for Sony to leave Funi standing. Apparently Funi has been, or is about to get gutted, their marketing and art division has been cut, Sony took the parts that they wanted, and from now on Funi will be reduced to nothing more than offices, no longer involved in dubbing any anime. I'd imagine in that scenario, anime such as MHA that's licensed by Funi will just be transferred to Sony.
  6. Alright, I'm finally home, so I can finally give my two cents, that way there's something for Top Gun & Co. to fap to. As I've said many times, I don't care about Vic, I don't care for him as a voice actor, and I don't think he's an angel, the dude has been pretty shitty in the past, there being many times that he had or had tried to cheat on his fiance back when he was engaged, back in his deposition video he even mentioned how he paid for an escort service in the past. I don't think the dude's a sexual predator like Ronica and co. makes him out to be, but the dude is definitely one of those types are more into hookups and not relationships. That's not the kind of thing I'm fond of, but that's a pretty common thing for a lot of men and women. And I still think it's because of that, in addition to him being a conservative (that being a reason that he mentioned in his deposition) why a lot of people at Funi, such as Greg Ayres whose gay, didn't think too highly of him, especially since in the VA business Vic was more wellknown and successful than most of them, and then the whole MeToo movement happened in Hollywood which paved the way for them to use that bullshit to purge undesirables such as Vic. As for the court outcome, I still think it's shit, since Ronica were dead to rights actively seeking to destroy Vic's career and reputation. I was talking to a real life buddy of mine that's been following all this stuff, he comes from a family of policemen, and he himself is going through school to be a lawyer, point being he's pretty knowledgeable on the law and legal proceedings, and even he said that by all means Rial, Toye, and Funi were guilty as hell, but because of the way defamation works, Vic was very unlikely to prove that one. And with the tortious interference Ronica and also Sabat would have been fucked completely over that one, but the owner of Kamehacon choose to keep Vic, so then it became attempted tortious interference which isn't something that's punishable in court. He also talked about with the way the Dallasnews sold the story as a #MeToo movement, with all the photography of Rial and Marchi standing side by side, the court didn't even want to give Vic a real chance. Him also mentioning that Chupp was the worst type of lawyer that they could have been assigned, with the dudes reviews and history of dismissing cases to get through them as quickly as possible, how he didn't even give Ty a chance to dive into his evidence, dismissing some of the charges before Ty could even present evidence corresponding to those. tl;dr Top Gun, helpme, and the rest of his band of misfits are either going to ignore this or skim through it and then bash on me for one thing or other, or try calling me bitter or mad or in denial. I accept that Vic pretty much lost this, but I'm still going to call this shit out for being broken, and how the legal system never gave him a real chance. Gonna be fun seeing how Nick Rekiata and Ty explain this one.
  7. I no longer wish to be known as Hello There, from this point on there I shall be known as High Ground
  8. Sorry, I can't hear you with the sounds of your big cunt flapping in the wind
  9. honestly I don't buy into all the stories of Vic fans harassing and going after all these people, including the judge. Not saying it isn't out of the realm of possibility, considering how some people think with their dicks, but considering that the Kickvic side goes berserk over everything relating to Vic, as if it's a life or death matter. That side has been caught swatting others, trying to claim that it was the istandwithvic side, them also being caught doxxing people, photoshopping pictures and editing old videos, calling and harassing people. I know one of my devoted haters Top Gun or helpme will respond trying to twist my words to where it sounds like I'm trying to say Vic is completely innocent and trying to make it sound like I'm saying any and all pictures of him are photoshopped. Obviously I can't speak for any pictures of him out there since I've never cared to look for any, but over the course of this bullshit of a year the kickvic side has thrown out a lot of "proof" that ended up being proven to be edited.
  10. the two snowflakes that disliked my post above just outted themselves as liberal pussees
  11. and then there's Funimation letting their liberal / feminist writers inject that toxicity into their comedy series
  12. Also, on the topic of Teamsters, it's a really bad time to be one in the state of Illinois. Apparently unless things change, they're set to lose their pension in 2024. We just got this one new sub very recently, the dude's in his 60's and was a teamster for 34 years or so and retired, and then they tell him that they could be losing that by 2024, so he started working with us to build up our pension. That said though, the dude did say that if they really do get rid of the teamsters pension, then he'll pretty much be working here til he dies.
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