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  1. Aside from the obvious MHA, Psycho-Pass 3, Kabukicho Sherlock maybe? No guns life maybe, perhaps Radiant 2 though I'd need to see Radiant 1 first. Only those ones stood out to me
  2. Spider-man was initially a government experiment to brainwash the youth of America. His identify as "Your friendly neighborhood Spider-man" is quite literally nothing more than a marketing tactic to trick the average American into adopting Spider-man as part of their lives and culture. In reality though, the government has been using Spider-man to turn children of America into sleeper agents, a process that persists even into adulthood, them spreading Spider-man to their own children. Eventually the day will come when the government starts pushing for a New World Order, at that point all the sleeper agents across the country will turn on their fellow countrymen. Get woke, live off the grid, buy as much gold as you can, it'll be the global currency in the New World Order.
  3. Resident evil 1-3 I consider good. Resident evil 4 and onward was basically Paul W.S Anderson glorifying his wife, by doing everything imaginable to make her character look like a badass, while making every single other character pale in comparison. Pretty much every video game character in them are quite literally only there for Alice to rescue. And then they have the nerve to kill off Chris and Claire in between 4 and 5, off screen, and then did the same to Leon and Ada in between 5 and 6 or whichever movies those were. I liked the action scenes in them I guess, but they weren't good movies.
  4. The resident evil films some how managed to do good financially, but as far as quality goes they became fucking horrible after the 3rd movie, Extinction. With how Nintendo has been spreading their wings this past year, branching out onto smart phones, and also dropping their bullshit YouTube creators program, and with that Pikachu movie doing good, I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to have more life action films made. Honestly when it comes to Nintendo IPs, the Metroid series is the one I'd love most to see as a live action film
  5. Anime films being on the rise I see more as Hollywood searching for a new genre to milk, superhero films being the current fad that's being grinded to dust. Superhero films are the current fad, and I've always viewed anime and video game films to be the next thing that Hollywood would start milking. That someone out there will make one that succeeds big time which causes the rest of the film industry to jump on its back to milk it. tldr fuck Hollywood
  6. Not so much as said, but the grand majority of things I posted on the internet between 2010 and 2015
  7. My favorite scene in Panty and Stocking was when Stocking started having strangers start spanking her ass with a paddle, and then Garterbelt made Brief polish his knob in exchange for a role in his new upcoming show. Did I forget to mention that I also love mushrooms?
  8. I prefer dubs over subs, been sticking predominantly to them for many years now, there being only a few times in the past 6-8 years that I've watched something subbed, typically it being a case where it's a show that I get really into but the dub is trailing too far behind the sub for my patience, there only being a few instances where that happens. That said, in the last 4-5 years I legit don't think I've watched Toonami at all. I'm mainly here to kill time and to admire my senpai. Also I'd say for the most part I've been looking to bait my haters. Except you Elfie, you're my homie ❤️
  9. Well I mean, when you put it like that there might be a little something wrong with that, but only a little
  10. Ignoring the fact that Soye has gone through divorce court twice, both his ex wives going on about his physical, mental, and verbal abuse. Ignoring the fact that Sabat has been called out by many people, such as Huber, of being manipulative and the de facto leader at Funi, opposing him ends careers there. Funi being a very sexually charged place where you either play along or go home. Ignoring the fact that you're Top Gun so who gives a fuck about your opinion.
  11. The thing about all this with Vic is I consider it here say to me. I like anime but Ive never considered myself part of the community and have never followed a single thing with the anime community. So when it comes to Vic, the way I see it for me is that if he really is as bad as people say, or has done all the things people say he's done, then why is it that in his 20 year career there hasn't been a single police report, or restraining orders or conventions dropping him (before this year) or anything? People make Vic out to be a celebrity saying it's because of that that nobody tried to oppose him, but the dude isn't even a real celebrity since the anime community is still viewed as inferior to other areas of media, and only those that are part of the dubbed anime community I'd see as being potential fans or followers of his. That's why until this whole thing is settled or proven in court or whatever, I reserve my right to believe whatever yall nibbas go on about
  12. Let me put it this way, I know that Vic has a lot of problems as a human being and as a man, the dude attempted to cheat on his fiance several times years ago. But my strong dislike of Rial, Soye, Marchi, Sabat, Funi and many more is stronger, the way they handled this whole ordeal this year is shady af. Also I hate Ronica and Marchi's types, and we should all agree that Sabat is a piece of shit. You think Vic is bad but ignore that dudes casting couch and how if people went against him their careers at Funi would come to an end
  13. You just outed yourself as a Hillary supporter. Get woke go broke.
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