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Everything WB Announced So Far At Annecy

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Okay, so a boatload of WB announcements came in today at Annecy, with more presumably to come this week. Let's go over all the ones that happened this far into the event:

  1. New Adventure Time projects. From the reconfirmation of the movie in development, to a preschool series starring BMO, to a new series throwing back to the earlier seasons with an episodic nature, it looks like they really are banking on Adventure Time again.
  2. Revivals of Regular Show and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Regular Show seems to have its creator and tone intact, which I hope proves well. By contrast, Foster's Funtime for Imaginary Friends sees Bloo act as a teacher to new imaginary friends. At least Craig McCracken is back for this one, but I'm definitely too old for that.
  3. Go-Go Mystery Machine. If that name doesn't clue you in, pun intended, we're getting an anime-esque cartoon, if not an out-and-out SCOOBY-DOO ANIME. This has been on my list of properties to mine since Suicide Squad Isekai was announced, and I won't lie and say this wasn't one of my favorite reveals today.
  4. Original projects like Bad Karma and Lovey Dovey. Honestly, I'd rather watch one over the other, and the one which the plot centers around pigeons screwing what I assume to be a Big Bird expy won't be the one I watch.
  5. Gumball Season 7. From what I've heard, it's essentially the reverse of Moana 2, in which a movie is getting split into a series, rather than a series getting fused into a movie. Your guess is as good as mine on whether this does well.
  6. Primal Season 3 and Get Jiro. I'm excited about both of these, but I feel like Adult Swim has enough as is.

Frankly, I'm going to presume Regular Show, Mystery Machine, and Lovey Dovey move to Adult Swim. Maybe even Adventure Time: Side Quests too, at this rate. But I'm glad they're still doing SOME things with the animation library they have.

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Go Go sounds like an anime version of the old 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo, but unfortunately with less Vincent Price.

Was hoping to see some Get Jiro footage after having read both comics.

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1. Fiona and Cake was shit, so this will probably be a new wave of shit. They have wrung all they can out of AT

2. Fosters we already knew about, that’s why the original never made it to Checkered Past. Regular Show is confusing since it had a timeskip ending. It’s written like Aqua Teen, where something wacky happens to the local slackers, so i anticipate similar to Aqua Teen, forcing more seasons will show a sharp decay in quality. 

3. Please stop trying to make an anime out of everything 

4. Don’t know what these are, i typically try going in blind to stuff so wont research further 

5. Gumball and TTGo are the only things keeping CNs meager timeslot alive anymore so no surprise there. 

6. With no footage of either, I think it’s safe to assume both aren’t on the 2024 charts. 

No nothing about Rick and Morty anime? It’s allegedly replacing Superman, so it’s right around the corner. They promote it after every single new show on AS so I’m surprised they have dropped nothing here. 

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Can’t say this is phase 2 after the Adult Swim movies because yeah how many fucking Adventure Time things do you need?

Craig & Genndy were real General Audience type nuts earlier into their careers, so Foster’s going full preschool is kinda lame but oh well. I think PPG is just not gonna happen lol.

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