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will the funimation merger with crunchyroll mean anything for toonami?

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crunchyroll titles(outside originals)haven't exactly been easy to acquire for toonami and now that all funimation titles will be under the crunchyroll brand name

does that mean they'll also be as difficult to acquire as say Mob Psycho 100 Season 2 or will it just be business as usual moving forward...with the best outcome being that crunchyroll titles will be easier to acquire than they were previously?

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39 minutes ago, Jman said:

Good question.  

This is Sony running things and they, with some exceptions, still seem to be willing to do business with Toonami.  I don’t see that changing.

so  does that mean crunchyroll titles that were previously off limits are now on the table such as Mob Psycho 100 S2?....

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5 hours ago, MasqueradeOverture said:

It means Toonami's cancelled and you can move on to get psychiatric help.

what part of this sounds like a negative whiny topic? it's a genuine question anyone here could ask since crunchyroll has notoriously been difficult to work with even while WM owned them

so now that everything funimation related will now be rebranded as crunchyroll content it's natural to be curious as to how this affects the toonami status quo

lastly constantly accusing me of being mentally ill as a punchline isn't funny....nowhere did i imply i think toonami's gonna be canceled soon so quit putting words in my mouth

and acting like i started this topic to scream about how toonami's doomed

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10 hours ago, Ginguy said:


It means there will be even more titles that are priced outside Toonami's range.


I Don't necessarily think that will be the case....however i don't think it'll be business as usual either

if crunchyroll under WM's ownership wasn't willing to work with toonami most of the time...that brings up the question

is crunchyroll now easier or harder to work with...now that sony's calling the shots?


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I think that it will continue to be business as usual - now that there are a massive chunk of titles through a single place, negotiations can be more focused and perhaps bundles can be more easily worked out with whatever budget is currently in play as opposed to having to figure out if w through company x is worth potentially killing off any hope to aim for y through company z because company x wants more money. Now it's all under one company. 

It will still come down to money but no one place would be able to afford to lockdown all titles available. It would be stupid to do so. 

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