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Fuck this dumb normi beer did nothing bit give me the munchies.


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Milaukees best tastes like shit though, and just by association in your post I'm sure Seirra Nevada can't be much better. If I drink actual beer I go for this a lot.


I need to settle for something a bit less niche though I think since a 6 pack can go for like 10, 12 bucks here though. I also liked budweiser black crown. One of the only Anheuser busch brews I've actually enjoyed over the years, but it doesn't exist at least in any kind of store in my area...


Those are both just 6%ers I think, but they taste great to me. 

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Occasionally, I'll buy Victory Golden Monkey beer. It's not that expensive, like 12 bucks for a 6 pack, and it's strong, like 9.5% abv. I only have one bottle at a time, cause I don't like getting shitfaced. 😐

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