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Black Christmas - Blade Runner: Black Lotus Lucky 7 Marathon Discussion!!

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4 minutes ago, OwlChemist81 said:

Well, hello stranger! Merry Christmas!

...or rather, 2nd day of Christmas, because it's December 26th now.

Hello there and likewise, I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday.

Looking forward to some Bebop next week for sure.

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7 minutes ago, saito34 said:

i dunno man...it flew by and didnt really feel like christmas at all

Last year, there were no Christmas parties at work, nor were there any in my extracurricular organizations. I think I attended ONE.

This year, I went to SIX, on top of my family's gathering, which this year was unmasked, while last year we had to wear masks and eat in different rooms of the house. This year, we actually got to eat at the same table.

Oh look, it's...



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Just now, OwlChemist81 said:

That episode, where we meet Blade Runner Detective Davis, was actually the first to be produced, Episode 101!

Even though, of course, it was the 4th to be presented!

Only 3 episodes remain in this marathon!

Interesting to know which episode was produced first and how it wasn’t made in chronological order.

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