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Does this discharge thing work?


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I got an e-mail about my student loans, which I didn't plan to pay tbh, and now it looks like they'll end up being discharged because my transplant qualifies me for disability discharge. The downside to all this is that I can't take receive federal student aid for three years, and I was planning to get my master's right away, so now I would have to pay out of pocket, but at least maybe I can fix my credit score now that those $30k in loans will be out of my hair and I won't have creditors "calling on a recorded line" and blowing up my cell phone every day. 

Hmmm not sure what to do. If not for this, I was going to put myself on a small repayment plan and take out more loans so that I could start my master's this fall and then either pay those back at some time in the future or maybe never pay them back lol

Any advice? Also, this is kinda weird how I'm being rewarded in a way for being hammered all the time throughout my 20s.  

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24 minutes ago, scoobdog said:

I say chill for three years. 

Maybe get addicted to blow.

Get your Masters while severely damaging your heart.


Get heart transplant

BOOM:  Party like a rock star and get a free Master's degree 

Make it a master's degree in the history of bagels.

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