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RIP Philece Sampler


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This is some really sucky news, especially as someone who found her work to be quite fun and underrated. I had cast her as the female protagonist in one of my failed hypothetical anime ideas (Shiho Katsurada in Kiguma, for those wondering), and as a minor character in my only successful hypothetical anime to date (Machise Yokoshima in Kinky Kunoichi, likewise), so in my own unique way, it just hurts all the more.

R.I.P. in peace.

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I was really upset when I heard about what happened. She was awesome as Taokaka from Blazblue and fondly remember her from Bobobo as Beauty.

Now I’m even more upset because I’m thinking of all the funny lines she had as Taokaka. What a great character she helped make even better. 

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Here's a rundown of the roles she did as far as shows that aired on Toonami are concerned.

Bleach: Hayame, Chizuru Honsho, Waineton

Blue Exorcist: Shiemi's Grandmother, Young Ryuji Suguro

Bobobo: Beauty

Demon Slayer: Rokuta

Dragon Ball Super: Gotenks, Kid Goku (Flashback)

Eureka Seven: Tiptory

Stardust Crusaders: Suzy Q

Kill la Kill: Mantaro (She's credited as Lindsey Eaton here for some reason)

Iron Blooded Orphans: Sakura Pretzel

Samurai Champloo: Budokiba

SD Gundam: Mayor Margaret Gathermoon, Noah

Zatch Bell: Lori

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