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Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity


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Link still has grunts, but every other character has full-on dialogue.

In regular Breath of the Wild, the characters voiced by actual professional VAs sounded nice like Urbosa and Revali.

Everyone else sounded somewhere between awkward and horrid. Zelda’s was the worst offender because she had a fake British accent that you could spot from a mile away. 

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I got to Chapter 3 in the game. So far, I'm enjoying the more non-conventional playsets from Zelda and Impa. Urbosa has been easy to use and it's nice to have the charge mechanic for her attacks. Revali is also a ton of fun to play because of how he can combo on the ground and in mid-air. Not to big of a fan of heavier characters in Musou games, but Hestu's animations are adorable.

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