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All I can do is sing


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5 minutes ago, PhilosipherStoned said:

At least you can sing. I used to be ok in high school, but even then I was probably second rate. 

Everything is ruined anyways, so just enjoy the ability to sing while you can. Being good at it isn't the point...

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8 minutes ago, Seight said:

I was in choir, but I was not one of the people you would have singing the solo parts.

I got a few.. My choir group routinely used me for heavy acting parts since I wasn't really scared of it, Just never really gave a fuck..

It was embarrassing by the time I reached high school though. The teachers felt comfortable placing me in the dumbest acting parts since I admittied all the time I was kind of a clown and liked to make people laugh on stage..  They exploited me though. I feel like a whore in retroflect. :|

JK. Every laugh, and cheer..pssh I guess... was a laugh well made by me I guess, it's just uhh.. Actors just respond to directions... got so tiresome, and I was never supposed to be a theatere student I was just used for random musical studipidity.. and in musical plays like that... 

Basically a clown. Theatre teacher actually gave my credits for her class just for participating though I think..


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