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i can't eat anything!

discolé monade

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1 hour ago, Vodkajellyshot said:

crowns are poop.. it will fail and the future you will be here again.. same pain and a few hundred lighter.. just get the tooth out

Not necessarily.

I have a 30 year old gold crown on one of my molars, and I haven't had any problems with that tooth since the day it was put on.

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3 hours ago, discolemonade said:

like, i can't even allow chips or cheezit to 'melt' in my mouth. 

it's like....it feels like i have a wide open cavity, but it's not. 


6/20 is when the permanent crown goes on. 

but the swelling. the pain. 

send herb.

Oh man that sucks....I’m so sorry...they didn’t give you Norco?

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