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Walking Dead gets its broken pony carcass beaten some more starting tonight


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I knew this show was going to be the next 'Lost', so I never invested in it.


You just simply cannot take a zombie survival horror movie and stretch it out into a long series.


I've been telling people this for years now.


Addendum: While I've never particularly felt that Game of Thrones was too long for it's premise, I don't watch that show either. I'm just not really into "medieval" fantasy stuff.


I haven't watched a series since Nurse Jackie, and even with that I gave up after the third or fourth season.


There are very few shows that I've watched start to finish.


Well, if you don't count animes.

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I was talking about the premise.


There's been like 6 Resident Evil movies and even that's too much in my opinion.


And the run-time of the entire Walking Dead series far exceeds that of all those piles of garbage RE movies.


Zombie stories do not work in long form media.

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