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It's hard to put down roots when moving so much.



Word. True dat. I still partially live in a suitcase because my brain is so sure whatever I have going now for housing could be gone in the blink of an eye.



My hormone doctor's husband died and she spontaneously retired. Causing an interruption in my pills. It's cruel that I have to be at the mercy of a primary care provider to just keep my body from freaking out from an abrupt hormonal reversal.




Not sure if this helps, but there are online doctors you can see that will do quick webcam appointments, write prescriptions, then fax them to a local pharmacy of your choice. Worth a shot if nothing else. I can elaborate more and send you a link for the ones I used if you'd like.



I don't know what to do w/my life at the moment, but that's fine b/c I don't ever pan what I'm doing anyway. How do ppl follow a life path/plan for years and years?




You must always have a plan, dear. More to the point, you must have an adaptable plan. Life is gonna happen, a lot, but you gotta have some kind of focus. Keeping a list of long term goals, broken down into smaller goals to make it more manageable is ideal.

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It's not just whispering, though.


It's all sorts of sounds, and/or images too.


Why do you think "Red Hot Knife" videos are so popular?


People get off on some weird stuff man.


Thank god I have drugs and don't have to resort to listening to people whisper while eating cake, or making paper ripping sounds, or uploading 10-hour long videos of vacuum cleaner sounds.

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