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Came up with a cool action movie idea


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It starts out with this great-looking guy, he kinda looks a lot like me, and he's snuggled up in bed with his right arm over the most beautiful blonde you can imagine. In the middle of the night, while he's sound asleep, she slowly sneaks out of bed as his arm falls softly onto the spot on the bed where she had been. She tiptoes downstairs, through the kitchen, and to the front door where a beamer is waiting for her thirty feet away with its lights turned off.


She opens the door, and frightfully stumbles backward, "Z-Z-Zanny!"


The great looking guy is standing in the doorway, soaked from the rain, his dark figure hulking over everything. 


"You thought this charade could go on forver didn't ya?"


The blonde girl stammers, "I-I was just g-going for... a walk."


"I don't what you take me for, but this ends tonight."


(Zanny walks up to the beamer, pulls the driver out through the open driver side window and throws him through the sliding glass door into the kitchen. The hot blonde screams)


"Babe, don't get the competition killed".


(Zanny flips down his shades, takes the frat boy's beamer, and drives off alone into the night)


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