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I had my first massage today


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Happy ending?

Naw it was the type where you go down to a towel

It was Face, Shoulders, Arms, Glutes, Legs and little on the back

I think I might of scowled or looked dead without realizing it

Cause he freaked out and I didn't know about what because language barrier

Lady working next to him with the person I went with was talking to me also

Person I came with asked if was I was alright and said "Yeah"

And after that everything was fine

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I got a massage a while back but it was from a dude. I'm scared of getting a massage from a lady because I think I'm just going to get a huge erection out of it. And if she is the type to not "play along with me" then it will just be very awkward

It'll probably be go like ....



oh my god .... this happens all the time. dont worry about it


*cue music*


-happy ending-



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