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apparently they're airing a new Fairly Odd Parents Special


it's animated in Flash.....so I guess Frederator's animation budget was cut



Vicky literally has Timmy trapped in a "Saw" parody (I.e. she's wearing a puppet costume and telling him to mutilate himself via a TV screen)



edit: also apperently they made Poof (cosmo and wanda's son) less annoying by giving him an adult gravely Harvey Fierstein-esque Voice and a personality

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This sounds made up, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was legit.



I cannot find footage but suffice it to say it is a SAW parody and it is animated in flash


the only other proof I can find


an image of Vicky dressed as the Saw puppet 640?cb=20161010140408&path-prefix=en


occording to this fan-wikia it also refferences Donald Trump


edit: here's a gif, she had Timmy trapped in a room and was forcing him to eat garbage 640?cb=20170118193011&path-prefix=en

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It's unfair that of the two shows that premiered the same night, Invader Zim was the one that got canned and this is still going.

especially considering from what I understand the current seasons episodes have a subtle theme of "Anti-Sjw" pro-Trump propaganda (aka it's now a white supremacist cartoon)


(the little blonde girl in the gif is Timmy's new neighbor, a little girl who fancies herself a social justice messiah and who makes everything worse in her attempts to make the world a better place, named "Chloe Carmichal, she's voiced by Haruhara Haruko Kari Wahlgren)

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