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Xenoblade Chronicles 2


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Still haven't tried Xenoblade X, but I'm more excited for this. Wouldn't be surprised if I play this first.

I've never played any of them but having watched a letsplay of Xenoblade Chronicles I've always wanted to


they are legitimately fucking beautiful games

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Can they just remake Xenogears? That was the Evangelion of video games.


Xenoblade Chronicles X looked hot, but I wasn't gonna buy another console just for that. This...looks like cancer.

Squeenix won't let them, the whole reason Xenoblade exists is because they want to remake Xenogears
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Dammit. I want to play another nihilist philosophical clusterfuck with mechs.

the story behind the Xenoblade franchise is rather complicated


Xenogears originally began life as the original version of Final Fantasy 7, but then Square informed Tetsuya Takashi that they felt his version of FF7 was "too different" then every other final fantasy game, and told him they were going to let him make his script as it's own original franchise

he therefor began development on Xenogears, which he now planned to be a series of 6 Games.....right before the completion of the first game Square informed him that they were halting all production on Xenogears but would let him release what he had finished (hence why Xenogears seems vaguely unfinished), he rightly got pissed off and left Square


cut to many years later, Takashi opens his own company called "Monolith Soft" and begins production on "Xenosaga" meant to be a spiritual successor to Xenogears, it is also meant to encompass 6 games, but, due to lack of funds, only 3 are completed


many years later Monolith soft begins development of a completely unrelated original game called "Monado: secret of the world" but then decided to add a few affectionate refferences to Xenogears into the game........eventually the refferences to Xenogears overtake the whole project effectively causing the game to become an unintentional remake of Xenogears, which they rename "Xenoblade chronicles"


Nintendo ALMOST fucks over this game as well.....until screaming adoring fans demand the game get a proper release, Nintendo, not being as monumentally stupid as both Square and Sony were, listened, and relesed the game worldwide


it became a hit, and Nintendo has now turned the Xeno-series into a final fantasy-esque proper franchise

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I played Xenoblade Chronicles X and mostly enjoyed it save for some mindless level grinding that took way too long....still a solid game and a must play for any fan of mecha anime

it still makes me sad that the first Xenoblade Chronicles game wasn't able to include the Bionis's shoulder (it was the largest area in the game and was most likely integral to the story at some point in development), in the final game the party just suddenly teleports to the Bionis's head




also I realize it's a stupid obsession but it makes me Happy that Xenoblade Chronicles X acknowlages Gay people

(there's an openly Gay NPC who mentions his boyfriend and one of the optional party members mentions that she has(or had, they apparently stayed behind on earth but sent her into space so she could live) two dad's in one of her affinity charts.....also according to how she describes them they were fucking bad-asses)


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