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Let's play chess!


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I challenge YOU to chess!  Although, I'm not really sure how to go about this.  Got a few ideas though.


First, the board we'll use: https://en.lichess.org/editor  {There's a URL at the bottom you can post after making a move.}


This should show the two kings, one pawn on each side, a black knight, and a white bishop.  Let me know if that's accurate.  If not, I'll need a better online board.


Second, the format.  I've got a couple ideas involving me vs the world:

*The rest of you collectively vote on a move.  Each move would take a day so everyone gets a chance to vote.  Last time I tried this though, the game died off, so not too keen on this one.

*I take the first move posted as the hivemind's move.  Games move faster, but trolls could just play poorly to dick you guys over.  Not a fan of this either.

*I take the first move to get posted twice.  That way one derp can't just ruin it for all, and games still move pretty fast.

Or, I could just play each of you individually in separate games.  Lemme know which is best.


{I really do hope this takes off...}

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