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Today at work ....


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We've gone 8  months without the mad pooper showing up.



Just everything else that could go wrong has gone wrong. I've been running around since I came in .... well except now. Now I'm on break.


I really wish it was an employee and they had found them, I'd love to hear their reasoning behind it

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I feel like that last time was Long Haul driver


My last job I worked 3rd shift and our shipping and receiving dept closed at 10:30 (right when my shift started)


any truck that came in after that just had to park on the road outside company property and spend the night, I always wondered where they did their business


One time I went outside on break and one of the truckers had setup a lawn chair, busted out a grill and radio, and proceeded to pound beers and he had a little mini BBQ to himself

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