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So I had to buy this steam game..


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I mean.. It has the capacity to be as good as you want it I guess playing it a few days.


Just don't put on that "hard hat" if you're trying to breeze through it for a laugh.


I wonder if Markiplier will do another one.. because the game lets you know


putting on that demon hat is a bad idea.. but damn. Everyone hates you on the game


and you lose stats since it never lets you take it off and sometimes doesn't let you do


shit to level up or make the game easier. It's funny, but it sucks.  :D

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Oh wow, I knew some people who played Kingdom of Loathing more than a decade ago.  Crazy to think there's a legit spinoff now.

I bought it more for laughs than anything. I guess they made this spinnof because that was pretty popular though.


I don't usually spend any money on indie games, but I decided tp try this one. It's been enjoyable enough I guess..

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