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So Supermansion...


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The Adult Swim pilot Ubermansion, which they passed on, and then got picked up by Crackle as "Supermansion" has now been picked up by Adult Swim.


or something.


so - they basically picked up the show they passed on.


This is I think the first time that's happened?


where a show was pitched to AS, they passed, somebody else picked it up, and then AS changed their minds.

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I actually watched the first episode of this show last week while it aired, though I didn't catch yesterday's episode.


It was pretty decent. Stoopid Monkey seems to be better at creating wholly original material than the same tired parodies on Robot Chicken week after week. I've enjoyed the DC Comics specials that just go wild with the characters while actually having a plot, and SuperMansion seems to be an extension of that.


The voice acting was pretty good, for one. I enjoyed Bryan Cranston's return to more humorous roles as Titanium Rex. Also, I guess that was supposed to be Keegan Michael Key as the angry drill sergeant? I can't help but be reminded of his role in the Bad Guys pilot as being similar to this.

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