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Found 1 result

  1. THIS JUST IN!!! I was checking to see if Pre-Flight from SDCC would be replaced tonight (I kinda hope not), but I ended up seeing THIS shocking new development: And I thought they lost the rights to OPM on 7/16/18, but I guess they decided to renew it?? While I'm glad that Punchy is back, it's a shame that it couldn't be a Gundam show, as they're remaining curiously absent from the lineup. Also, I have a bad feeling about Shippuden. AOT has to go somewhere, and FLCL: Progressive's rerun has one episode left. Or, maybe AOT S3 temporarily replaces MHA and MHA comes back the following week? Either way, we need expansion of some sort in September to showcase FLCL Alternative. Alternative has already been announced for 11:30, so AOT pretty much has to be either 10:30 (with expansion) or 11 (with no expansion) in September, but it would suck for its timeslot to change right away. Either that, or its previously-announced timeslot needs to change. And if NO expansion, then that means Shippuden would be going "bye bye" on 8/25 right in the middle of the 5 Kage arc before the franchise returns on 9/29 with Boruto. I'm immensely enjoying the 5 Kage arc so I REALLY hope THAT'S not the case! So hopefully there IS expansion to 10 PM on 9/1 to showcase FLCL Progressive twice, and that continues on 9/8 with Dragon Ball Super, MHA, and perhaps AOT in new timeslots. That way Shippuden can keep on chugging along at 2! Also, this new almost unprecedented THIRD run of OPM will most likely end in early November; could that mean that's when Toonami gets Season 2? If not then, maybe to kick off 2019??
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