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  1. I'd wake up but I'd never really open my eyes until one day as I began to register the light coming through the window and landing on my screen as rays, because that day I saw what was right in front of me the entire time. That's why I dare to resist drugs and alcohol and I think violence. Thank you crazy town for saving my life
  2. Sometimes I'll black in after letting YouTube autoplay unattended for like five hours and I greet the day to this
  3. Crash bandicoot... I kept playing those damn stages but after getting the Playstation and the game my parents then refused to invest in a memory card. Only other games I can definitely remember us having for it was asteroids which I still hate now, and some like pizza Hut style CD of different game demos.
  4. Haven't thought about this in ages (one of those started listening in like middle school type things where I hardly ever listen now, but feels like I've really been aware of forever) and saw this dude is/was gonna be playing in town recently and debated taking a day off work bc it seemed so out of the blue but then I was like can't do it. First off the bio that went with it said magic(?) might be involved and then I was like nah don't need to see who else would show up, still low key into it tho
  5. My only two definite days off work, regardless of what day of the week they fall on. Not sure how to feel about the fact that feeling somewhat above average for me lately could tank my usual plans for those days. Might have to make a point to contact some type of family member b4 getting too fucked up idk it's all too new! Parades are still weird.
  6. Listen, I am so into creating new belief and worship systems for the hell of it, to the point where I cant get into that right now, but the jokes have to be built in to the statements themselves, not something separate
  7. what you listen to when you're having a feeling, possibly to feel worse idk what you do
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