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  1. I feel fairly but not 100% positive the very end was different last time I went, but like kind of under construction or something like empty space and a huge cartoon cow or something. Do really feel like the oven used to get hotter but maybe I got in too deep to the cocoa bean rp aspect it's hard to say for sure.
  2. I either like chill or not chill, it just depends
  3. not scary as in scary, but last time i went (2014 pretty sure) it was like. Well clearly it was shittier bc who cares about the chocolate world ride in 2014, but the way I remember it in the 90s was basically hopping on a briskly rotating platform made out of a game show color and getting sent thru a tunnel to listen to a lot of computer beep music/the sound of the future 10yrs ago as you ride slowly through an oven meant simulate being a bean getting roasted and being forced to consider a hundred machines working in perfect unison and what might happen if something goes wrong, first in the factory and later when you bite into your food. I never thought it was scary at the time but as an adult getting off the ride I was like "why wasn't that scarier", and if it was just bc I wasn't five or w/e any more, or if they really turned the heat down on that oven
  4. See. Now that makes me feel like this hesitancy served a purpose. I'm never gonna give good and plenty another chance on a whim
  5. Can't remember if that band was supposed to suck, can't remember if that's the movie I saw and didn't like or the other one that came out at the same time, don't know which part of the franchise is supposed to be good. Does that happen to you a lot, does it like get in your way. Sometimes it's like guess I'll go find out and sometimes it's like better do nothing all day just to be safe, and sometimes the three seconds of focus that can be spent on google pay off so it's nbd. I get more concerned about "wasting time" and trying to pin down my exact mood than accidentally buying a dvd I won't watch again but
  6. Chicken/tuna and broccoli helper but made w/ just the stuff in the box and water When you scramble the egg in the microwave and put it on bread with either a little butter or slice of cheese Cocktail sauce and saltines
  7. While we were out of normal stuff, my roommate brought in this sanitizer she had for some reason with this big ass pump, and it smelled so strong and almost just like I remember my great grandparent's house, which isn't nasty but they're old you know.
  8. Blaiziken is a good pokemon who would definitely not smash my TV if it made a sound that upset it's chicken brain. Plus I'm willing to bet it can be toilet trained.
  9. If this is real life I wanted guys who look pretty clean and not necessarily supernatural beings that will fry your brain if they look at you funny
  10. Tie between skitty (what's not to like) and blaiziken (total bro, love this dude)
  11. NSAID

    Too much fireball

    I react negatively to a room someone chewing big red gum was in an hour ago, I think a shot of fireball would actually cause me to die
  12. Perogi chat: I like to do onions sauteed in olive oil, and then old Bay or celery salt, pepper, and Oregano and then maybe some Frank's. Saw a MrsT's advertisement car one time driving on this sketchy ass road that looked into like a quarry Anyway, I get kicked off friendr bc in multiple instances I can't move past the aquantience stage in spite of the promised human bonding to lighten the burden of existence for a moment.
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