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  1. Made me anxious like always.
  2. There are cameras everywhere, they're put there by communist spies.
  3. empty

    Vidya games

    I've been playing lots of MLB: The Show and NBA 2K lately. Also Marvel Spider-Man.
  4. Schizophrenia is a terrible thing.
  5. I got high for the first time in three years today.
  6. Pussy had me floatin Feel like Deepak Chopra Pussy had me dead Might call Tupac over
  7. China lied, people died.
  8. At least I got to pet Gordon before he passed RIP kitter
  9. I kinda figured WFH in a very hands-on profession would be a clusterfuck at best. But hey, more time to farm sorghum. Btw can I get a ride to the CVS?
  10. I respect someone who knows how to juke the stats. "Work smarter, not harder" was the favorite refrain in the scene shop back in the day.
  11. Wait until pandemic is over, dude!
  12. Listen, I know you wanna play vidya but you've got to get your work done. Chop chop, now.
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