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  1. This I can get behind. Solid B-tier.
  2. I think about driving my car into a highway median some days.
  3. They belong in the garbage can.
  4. Ever notice how they look like little turds? Shit candy. Awful.
  5. We didn't get past second base.
  6. Fecal transplantation is a real medical procedure and it can entirely change somebody's diet and lifestyle. You give a fat guy a thin guy's stool and boom fat guy loses weight. Intestinal microbiome is very powerful.
  7. I will forcibly hold you down and give you a titty twister.
  8. We'll poop back and forth if you don't get off our asses.
  9. About 50% of my caloric intake is fat. 25% protein 25% carbs. Maybe my gut flora need to figure it out.
  10. I eat vegetables every day boi
  11. I've been cutting carbs the past couple weeks and I'm constipated af lately. Why god why
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