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  1. who is your favorite Alpha male?

    I was seven when he retired and didn't witness those teams dominating in the early 90s.
  2. All dose people All dose hamboigahs.
  3. What fun could someone have with a phallic object after dark?
  4. Yeah, I had some stink foot the other day, it was horrible.
  5. Which one of you was it

  6. The apostrophe triggers me worse thananything else.
  7. I would bet money that at least one customer asked a stupid question like "GEE YA THINK THEY'LL GET IT PUT OUT? HA HA!"
  8. Kohl's closed my credit card

    It's pretty underhanded but that's the credit industry. I fielded a lot of angry calls with people bitching me out for something that wasn't my decision. You could try asking, maybe Kohl's works differently but if it's backed by a major creditor like Visa or MasterCard then you're probably SOL.
  9. Kohl's closed my credit card

    I used to work for Target in their in-house credit card division. No notice is common and you'll probably have to open a new one.