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  1. Have you ever been to the Ancient Bush Cave of Uncle Barry?
  2. I pumped out some sick bicep curls and got a big meaty erection from the forearm pump.
  3. I ate soy burgers and beans and rice today.
  4. Some chicken and eggplant parmesan with provolone cheese A big spinach, romaine and carrot salad with bluecheese dressing Some yogurt for dessert I only eat once a day so it better be a big boy meal.
  5. He's been making audio equipment since 1946.
  6. Yeah it's small but it's loud as fuck in a room.
  7. That's my thing but I have a tendency to let two become eight.
  8. Yah man it's more or less piece of shit people who cut their oil to stretch it. They used the vitamin E because of its similar color and consistency.
  9. empty

    Fantasy Football 2019

    Scoobdog big winner woooooo Skiles win poopoo bowl wheeee
  10. What is to blame then? If you get your THC oil from a legit supplier it's no problem, but it's these kids buying it online from people who don't give a shit and cut their THC oil with vitamin E that's the issue. There's nothing in legit product that should be causing this.
  11. I seriously doubt that liquid from a reputable company would cause the kind of injuries seen in these people. Even the FDA has come out and said that vitamin E oil is the culprit, but the damage to legit vaping has already been done. Vaping got me off cigarettes and it pisses me off that a harm-reducing alternate is going to be legislated out of viability because of media fear mongering and ignorance.
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