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  1. Fuck Easter

  2. Smoke one

  3. Smoke one

  4. Dirk Nowitzki has retired.

    They never would have won if they'd been missing Kidd, or Terry, or Chandler, or Marion. But that championship was a great thing to witness being a Dallas fan, especially after 2006.
  5. I know how to do a meme.

    There's nothing to get. It's absurd for its own sake.
  6. Kind of a tall order

    I hope KN has a sudden change of heart and allows it just for the asshurt it will cause.
  7. I know how to do a meme.

    That's good, but we can go more meta and weird.
  8. I know how to do a meme.

    Every fucking day. Every single fucking day this little fucker sits there and gives me this stupid fucking look on his face.
  9. Holy shit am I drunk

    I would feel sorrow if tragedy were to befall you, silly internet man.