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  1. Oh shit. Guess I checked in right on time. TO THE DVR!!!!
  2. That's just as credible as anything posted by some asshole voice actress. What makes Rial more believable than Vic, at this point? Where's the evidence?
  3. Exactly. When people take to social media, instead of the authorities (as they should), this is what happens. No matter how this shakes out people are going to believe who, and what, they choose to believe. Twitter is no place to hold judicial proceedings.
  4. More stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oxpaOBDT3Y
  5. RPD

    UFC Event Discussions

    UFC moves to ESPN and I had to stop watching it.
  6. RPD

    Apex Legends

    I saw a trailer, or some gameplay, or something. Too busy playing Warframe to really care.
  7. If dude's been pulling this business for the last thirty years somebody knows something for certain, and has evidence. If no one comes forward with it, or it never surfaces, it'll be "he said she said" from here on out.
  8. It's within an employer's rights to fire someone for any reason, most times. They're called "right to work" states. However, it's not the public's right to badger a person's employer in order to get them fired.
  9. Why do you think I don't spend much time around here?
  10. You just have to deal with it. If we start ignoring the system where does it end? We have laws against slandering people, and I'd love to see someone get their ass sued off for it. Let the law do it's job.
  11. Of course assualt is bad, but attacking and ruining someone's reputation isn't good either. It's the judicial system's job to determine guilt. That's why we have one.
  12. All part of the SJW narrative. You either side with them or you're a Nazi.
  13. That YouTube garbage proves my point: People are taking Vic's side, really knowing nothing about the situation, just because they think it's an SJW witch hunt. Outrage Culture is hurting actual victims.
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